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Personal Insurance

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Protecting what you own can often be a challenge. It’s our mission to help lessen the challenge of protecting you, your family and your assets through the use of appropriate insurance products with the right policy features and coverages. After all, we’re all supposed to be pursuing happiness.

If It Moves, Floats, Flies or Provides Shelter…
We can work with you to take care of whatever “it” is and help plan coverage that’s tailored for you. From forces of nature to accidents to crime, you need to have the right coverage for repairs, replacing things or compensate you for unplanned events.

Young drivers in your family? Kids going to college? Building that pool you always wanted? Ever had earthquakes or flooding in your neighborhood? Not all of these are covered by a simple auto or homeowner’s policy. You at least need to know what’s covered and what’s not. And if you accumulate wealth from hard work, it’s time for us to consult with you about a personal umbrella. If it’s important to you, it needs to be insured.


If you’re in the market for insurance get an INMARK® Review
There are many reasons why people need insurance. Today’s insurance policy coverage terms and options can be confusing. That’s why our INMARK® review process is important to you and your family. Our INMARK® review looks at your current insurance program and then evaluates it to ensure it matches your needs to the insurance markets available. Our goal is to provide the right coverage solutions and options. Our insurance consultants can also provide advice and options for life, disability, health and other individual insurance coverages. Life’s full of changing events-the time to review your insurance is not after they happen. Our clients are the most important asset in our business and we strive to bring you personal insurance solutions that give them you less thing to worry about when things happen. Ask a Fisher Brown Bottrell professional for your INMARK® review today!